Choir School

Who are we?

THE CHOIR SCHOOL is a low-cost after-school program supported by the Episcopal Church of St. Luke & St. Matthew. We follow the Royal School of Church Music’s “Voice for Life” curriculum in which singers gain vocal skills and musical understanding while learning classical music, both sacred and secular. In September 2024, the program is open to all second and third grade students, regardless of religious affiliation or church membership. In this first year of the program, the Choir School will have a smaller number of vacancies to account for future growth, and allow choristers to develop their abilities at an even pace with one another. Future years will accommodate older classes.

Why sing in a choir?

The benefits of choral music education are numerous and well documented. Singing in a choir gives children the opportunity to build self confidence, experience measurable growth through the rehearsal and performance process, and share that experience in a community where each individual’s contributions are valued and essential to the whole choir.

We intend to create a program of children who sing, play, and develop community together, and are inspired to live caring and fulfilling lives by the lessons they learn from the music that they sing. 

Weekly Schedule

Like any team sport, participating in choir requires a serious commitment of time and dedication. The choristers maintain the following schedule, meeting two days each week, adhering to the NYC DOE academic calendar.


  • 2:40 School Pickup
  • 3:00 Snacks, recreation, homework & lessons
  • 4:30 Choir rehearsal
  • 6:00 Dismissal


  • 2:40 School Pickup
  • 3:00 Snacks, recreation, homework & lessons
  • 4:15 Choir rehearsal • 5:30 Choral Evensong* led by the choristers
  • 6:00 Community Dinner

*Service is open to the public, all are welcome.
A detailed calendar will be provided to parents and choristers at the beginning of each year, detailing additional performance dates and services.

Program Costs

We firmly believe that money should not be a prohibitive barrier to a quality music education. We aim to keep tuition low, and scholarships are available for families in need. Weekly costs for our two day per week program average at $30. This is inclusive of school pickup, snacks, vocal and instrumental lessons, and a weekly dinner that all families are welcome to attend.

How to Join

To learn more about the Choir School, or to set up a brief, informal audition, fill out this short inquiry form, or contact Mr. Wilden Dannenberg, Director of Music at

Spread the word!

Share our latest brochure with parents and students who might be interested in our program!

Director of Music and Organist

Wilden Dannenberg
Director of Music and Organist

Wilden Dannenberg is a multifaceted musician committed to engaging people in a range of musical styles and experiences. With a firm foundation in the repertoire of early to contemporary works, Wilden is regularly engaged as a hornist, conductor, arranger and organist. Recent highlights include the Weill Hall premiere of a Carnegie Hall commission, multiple collaborations as a conductor and performer with Pulitzer Prize winning composer Tania León, and a live performance on WQXR’s New Sounds.

Originally from South Georgia, Wilden holds degrees from Florida State and Stony Brook Universities, and is an alumnus of Ensemble Connect, a fellowship program of Carnegie Hall and the Juilliard School. He is a resident artist with the Bronx Arts Ensemble, Assistant Director of the Westchester-based Hudson Chorale, teaching artist for Carnegie Hall, and faculty member at Adelphi University.

Wilden believes strongly in God’s ability to to use music to inspire people to contemplation and action– to go into the world and do the work of the Gospel. He is delighted to serve on the staff of St. Luke and St. Matthew in the fulfilling role of Music Director and Organist.

Got a question?

For more information on the music program please contact us.