Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs


Jesus is the only perfect image of God, and shows us the true nature of God, which is entirely love. God became human in Jesus so that in him human beings might be adopted as children of God to become heirs of God’s kingdom.


God is Spirit, Jesus said. The ancient texts and prophets teach us that there is one God, creator of all, seen and unseen. We believe that the universe is good and the work of a single, loving God who creates, sustains and directs it.


The Trinity – We believe that God has appeared, and is known in three forms. First as God of Spirit, the first form. Second, as Jesus the Christ, God’s son in human form, and third as the Holy Spirit, sent after Jesus’ death and resurrection, to be our comforter and advocate in life.


We believe that the scripture contained in what we call the Bible, was written by people in history, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to show God at work in nature and history. We call scripture the ‘Word of God’ because God inspired the authors and because God still speaks to us through these human experiences and words which make them relevant to our contemporary life.


The Church is a community of faith under a new covenant with God. The Church is one because it is one body under the head, Jesus Christ. It is holy because the Holy Spirit dwells in it, consecrates it’s members, and guides them to do God’s work. The mission of the Church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ. It pursues its mission through us as it prays, worships, proclaims the good news of Jesus and promotes justice, love, peace and mercy.


We believe that all people are worthy of respect and honor because they are created in the image of God, meaning that the spirit that is God is contained within each of us and can be seen by others in our expressions of love, justice and mercy. We are also created free to make choices, to love, to create, to reason and to live in harmony with creation and God.

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